Writing Assignment 4 (Morphology)

Morphology is said to be the area of linguistics in which the creative nature of natural languages is most
apparent. Languages are constantly creating new words out of existing words and morphemes. For
example, consider these latest entries to the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary:

1. detangle (verb): to remove tangles from.

2. wombmates (noun): twins

3. chocoholic (noun): one who is addicted to or strongly loves chocolate.

4. textaholic (noun): one who sends text messages frequently or compulsively.

5. neglexting (verb): failing to respond to a text message.

6. betterfy (verb): to make better.

7. storm surge (noun): water pushed toward shore due to winds and low pressure during an offshore

What morphological processes can you identify in these “new” words of English (see Section 5 of
Chapter 4 of your textbook)? Can you identify any derivational or inflectional affixes? What existing
words or morphemes of English do you think inspired some of these words? What does the creation of
such words say about the culture of modern English speakers? Can you think of any other newly created
words of English that you’ve heard recently?